Fighting Runner

Game Description

A Free 3D survival battle racing game, select your character and compete in a survival race against your friends online. Run, avoid barriers and use special powers to overcome your competitors and become the #1 player. in fascinating diverse brought to you from real cities. The competition start today select your character and join the race!!.


Game Modes:​


Practice: race built to practice your skills and improve yourself in the game in order to compete on high levels.

Ranked Mode: in ranked mode your will face other players of the same skill on the race track you will need to choose your skills before entering the race and optimize the skills inside the race in order to become the winner.

level up in order to increase rewards and experience points.


In Game Store:


packages: Buy diamonds to unlock characters, power ups and more


powers: Use your Alfucoins to buy powers that give you advantage in the race


Characters: Customize your appearance by choosing a unique character to play.


Boosts: Boosts vary and enhance your game progress:


Double Power: Increases the power of your character


Double points: Increase your points gain by two times


Triple points: Increases your points gain by three times


Three power slots: Increase the ability to hold power ups by three slots


One power slot: Increase the ability to hold power ups by one slot


Double gold: Increases your gold gain by two times



Game Maps:


Default map:


in the default map you will race on the main streets of the city while trains pass around you dodging the barriers and obstacles along the way.


Istanbul map:


enjoy the sights of historical Istanbul while racing like (Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Bosporus Bridge and much more..)

it is a trip that you will enjoy just like being in the real city of Istanbul




Daily Gift: Every day you open the game you will receive a reward

Events: Events occur from time to time be careful to enroll in the events while they are live, participating and winning events grants you additional rewards that can help you within the game.

Go Social: Whenever you like, follow or subscribe on our social channels you will be rewarded Alfucoins that you can use in the store while purchasing powerups, characters and other items


Game Features:


Very responsive and easy controls (swipe to jump, dodge or slide under objects)

Link your Facebook account and share your progress with friends

Compete over international leader-boards to become the first over the region or the world


Please Note !!!!


This Game is Free to Play

Developed by Alfu Code Gaming:

We are a company that thrives with the community we care a lot about your feedback on improving our game and we are very open to suggestions and ideas that you would like to see happen within the game please do not hesitate to leave reviews and contact us on our communication channels

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