Patch Notes 1.1.38

Fixed Issues with Loading:


  • Fixed where the screen would get stuck when player hits a planet
  • Improved in-game FPS in both Endless mode and Explore the Universe mode
Endless Mode:


  • Player now can choose to continue three times in one run
  • UI does not lag anymore when continuing or forfeiting 
  • Fixed the score issue where the player’s score was reset after trying to continue with ad
Explore the Universe Mode:


  • Player now can continue one time each run
  • Stars number reduced in pluto
  • Organization of star spawn changed and optimized in pluto
UI Interface:


  • Fixed the lag issue when player hits an object and is taken to continue or forfeit menu 
  • Fixed text issues in the UI section of the main menu
  • Updated the pause button location where it was hard for the player to press now it’s fixed to a better responsive location



Fixed when a player dies and continues the invincibility shield does not work

  • Fixed leaderboard issues that reset players score and readded the original scores
  • Improved the hitboxes of planets in both Endless and Explore the Universe mode to fit the actual size of the planet
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